Moving Home

Carpet Cleaning Your Old Home & New One

OctoKleen can help you get the best price for your current house or help you reclaim your deposit if you rent, by leaving you with cleaner, brighter carpets. Your home will also smell fresher too! As we live in our homes, we become accustomed to its odour and don’t notice it but can guarantee potential buyers will.

We also help you move into your new property knowing the carpets are beautifully fresh and clean. Who knows how well the previous occupiers looked after their carpets?

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Economical & Quick drying

We can clean just the main tread ways of your current home for an even more affordable price.

Our unique cleaning process helps to free your new home of dirt, germs and odour and leaves carpets dry in as little as 30 mins….so you can carry on and move straight in!

We ALSO disinfect and sanitise your carpets as part of our service to help stop the spread of nasty bugs and pathogens like COVID-19.


Why Choose This Package?

• If you’re selling your house, you need to ensure it’s presentable, clean & smells fresh to attract buyers.
• If you’re moving from a rented property clean carpets are a must to reclaim your hefty deposit.
• If you’re moving into your dream home, let us clean every nook & cranny and treat your carpets with stain protector, ready for your furniture and new adventure!
• We offer a discount if you clean both your current & new home.