Here are a few answers to your questions

COVID-19…Can OctoKleen’s cleaning solutions get rid of this virus?

Our cleaning solution ‘Dio-Cleanse’ is effective against very dangerous pathogens such as Hep B, HIV, MRSA, PEM & PEKM. Our solution attained BS EN 1040 standards and will be effective on many other viral strains. There is currently no data available on the effectiveness of our cleaning solutions against SARS-COV-2 (COVID 19) but after reviewing an ECDC report listing those Antimicrobial agents effective against different coronaviruses and reviewing the raw materials we use in our Dio Cleanse product, we are quite confident that Dio cleanse would be effective. Book a clean with us and we can help ensure your carpets & hard floors are disinfected and sanitised to BS EN 1040 Standards to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and reduce you and your family’s risk.

Is one method of carpet cleaning as good as any other?

If this was the case, we would not need to invest in using a range of cleaning machines and processes to ensure YOUR furnishings are cleaned in the most effective way. OctoKleen uses both a Hot Water Extraction method (steam cleaning) and a patented Low-Moisture cleaning system. Despite many misleading claims, no single system is suitable for all carpets and so we always assess your situation carefully before selecting the system that will achieve the best results for you. Our advice to customers is…. never get ‘hung up’ on the system…The skills of the operator are far more important! 

How quickly will my carpet dry?

If our ‘Low-Moisture System’ is used, then large, open areas of carpet can easily dry within 30 minutes, but smaller areas may take longer. If our ‘Steam Cleaning System’ (Hot Water Extraction) is used, then drying times may increase up to 1-2 hours and could take up to 24 hours to dry fully.

I have a piano or heavy furniture, which is not easy to move.

We ask you to remove all smaller items from any rooms being cleaned, but are happy to assist in moving larger, bulkier pieces of furniture upon request. We use professional sliders to move large furniture so as not to leave scrape marks on the floor. Every care is taken when moving furniture, but unfortunately, our insurance does not cover us for any damage caused. Large, heavy items such as pianos are usually left where they are, or only moved minimally. We have an effective process for cleaning in, around and under such items. 

How safe are your cleaning solutions?

We do not scrimp on our cleaning solutions and prioritise safety and quality over price! All of the cleaning solutions used by OctoKleen conform to the highest standards of health & safety and are chosen for their suitability in your home where children and/or pets, might be present.

Can you get any stain out of my carpet?

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee this. There are a few things that can cause permanent staining and are difficult to deal with. The most common are pet urine, (which has dried in over time) and dyes, whether hair dye, food colourings or fake tan. Using appropriate equipment and techniques, most other marks can be removed, including blood, oil, ink and paint.

Could my carpet shrink & split following cleaning?

Carpets only usually shrink if the backing gets very wet. This can happen when carpet cleaners adopt a ‘Brute Force’ approach and push too much water into the carpet. Where possible, we prefer to use our ‘Low-Moisture System’ which eliminates the possibility of shrinkage and split seams through over wetting, and leaves carpets dry in as little as 30 mins.

What should I look for when obtaining a quote?

Truly professional carpet cleaners will consider the type of carpet or upholstery to be cleaned, the amount of soiling on the carpets or upholstery, the amount of furniture that has to be moved and the appropriate cleaning process required. So, as you can imagine, every quotation is different and, in many cases, very difficult to provide over the phone. 

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes we do. We are professionally trained and our work is fully insured. If you’re not genuinely satisfied with our results, PLEASE TELL US! We will put it right or refund your money, No Quibble!

Are you fully insured?

Yes we are. We carry public liability insurance of £2 million which protects both the customer and the service provider.