Commercial Floor Cleaning

commercial carpet cleaning

Commercial Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaning

We ensure your carpets & floors are disinfected and sanitised to BS EN 1040 standards to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Our patented commercial carpet cleaning system has been specifically designed for settings such as hotels, offices, retailers and manufacturers. It allows us to deliver top quality results, meaning your carpets and floors stay cleaner for longer. They will look better and smell nicer too!


Video – Commercial Hard floor cleaning in action

Click opposite to watch a video of our commerical hard floor cleaning process on a terracotta tile floor in a local Italian Restaurant – Ponte Vechhio.

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We cover Hereford, Gloucester & Worcester and surrounding areas


We are professionally trained & can achieve a deep clean with minimum disruption

Quick drying times = Minimum disruption When using our Low-Moisture carpet cleaning system, we use a special solution and heated pad to create an exothermic reaction that draws dirt up and out of the carpet fibres. This means carpets are left extremely clean, dry and ready to use in only 30 minutes.

Our quick drying times are perfect for Hotels, Offices and places that are unable to close to the public. For those businesses who do close in the evenings or weekends, our working hours are flexible.

fast commercial carpet cleaning - carpets dry in 30 minutes

Before we start any work, we can provide:

1.) A free in-person consultation so you are completely aware of the work involved, how long it will take and the total cost to you.

2.) A free test sample clean of any areas of concern to demonstrate what we are able to achieve.

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commercial carpet cleaning herefordshire worcestershire gloucesershire commercial floor cleaning before and after

Steam cleaning in offices – Watch out!

Many Carpet cleaners just use Steam cleaning methods, otherwise known as (Hot Water Extraction). If your business or service has carpet tiles, or glued down commercial carpets, they should NEVER be cleaned by spraying water from the machine in this way! Moisture from excessive steam cleaning can also damage sensitive electronic IT equipment. Although Steam cleaning works well for domestic carpets where the machine can drive the air through to the back of the carpet, and then suck the moisture through from the base of the fibres, this method used on commercial carpet tiles, is likely to result in the base being left wet & muddied.

OctoKleen’s Safe & Effective Low-Moisture System

Our commercial carpet cleaning system works in a totally different way, by drawing out and removing all the dirt, via an exothermic reaction, leaving carpet fibres bright, clean and DRY in under one hour. Another great benefit of our system is that the carpet will stay cleaner for longer. This is because the carpet base and fibres are left closer to a neutral ph, making it difficult to attract dirt back into the carpet. This is the key to commercial carpets staying clean for a very long time!

Office, Boardroom & Reception Furniture

Is your leather Boardroom table looking dull and covered in ring stains? Perhaps your fabric chairs have never been cleaned?

When your business upholstery is cleaned and looking refreshed back to its original colour with stains removed, it will make a huge difference to visitors’ first impressions and staff morale. Our commercial cleaning system leaves furniture anti-bacterialised and fabrics looking vibrant and bright. Remember your business is often judged on first impressions, so this year – make it a great one! Call now on 0330 1331 341 or 07727 013 060 for a free visit & quote. leather furniture cleaning